For new licensees, 20% discount on weekly rental rates on stations (full or part time set schedule).  These stations are up front  near the entrance and with a large viewing window to encourage walk ins.

Rent includes all use of the common areas, shampoo bowls, and photobooth area.  Rogue Salon provides back bar shampoos and conditioners, towel service and cleaning services of the common area regularly.  The stylists or manicurists only need to clean their stations after use and between clients.

Professionals can make there own schedules and will be given a code to the keyless entry.  They have their choice of either a set schedule of full time or part time or they can revert to the online calendar on our site to ‘book’ the station based off of it’s availability.  We also offer daily and hourly (2 hour minimum) using this method.

For all individuals interested, we are willing to negotiate rental rates and payment options as we completely understand that coming back to work is some what of a challenge for everyone and we want to help.

Any interested parties, please feel free to come by the salon for a tour or go to our Instagram page to see photos of the interior.

Rogue Salon

7520 El Cajon Blvd Suite 300

La Mesa, CA 91942