bbmeme Hair Salon Now Hiring!

We have two locations:

  1. b:b meme hair salon (Located in the center of Downtown San Diego)
  2. Kate Chan salon (Located in the center of Coronado

We are highly motivated to create fashion and hair images!
We can also provide photo shoots and make-up equipment for you to use, but only if you have the passion for it.
We encourage you to join our artistic events as well.
The salon concept is Organic Modernism.
(Our lives have been motivated to create a modern lifestyle but we believe and admit that we have to coexist in nature.)
We use an organic product line, take excellent care of our clients and maximize a healthy beauty life.

– Salon IDEA –

We support our clients & employees with these ideas!

You are the one to create our salon!
We all work together and strive to provide only the best to our clients.
We all learn by our creations — we believe smiles naturally come as a result.
Team player, extremely friendly and outgoing personalities are highly preferred.

Let’s get together and make it happen!

Booth rental $250 per week. (Free for first four weeks)Currently 3 spots in Coronado2 Spots in Downtown location.are available.

On commission Part time assistants, also available.
What we provide:

Shampoo booth
Back bar products
Drink service
Hot towels

*Organic color line and products will be provided as a cost and with commission. (Details will be explained at time of interview.)

b:b meme hair salon

Phone    (619) 544-6811
Address 937 E Street, San Diego, CA  92101
1010 Park Pl, Coronado, CA 92101